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Add to the short list of inductee's to Rogue University's Hall Of Fame, one

Davy “Jones” Rosenstein - Rocktober, 2023

An awesome drummer who will long be remembered for his strong family ties.

We tip our ales to Davy “Jones” Rosenstein - A great mate who deserves honor as a member in good standing within the Rogue family community.

“May the soul of Rogue forever guide your path.” - Captain Rikki Rogue

We proudly announce the latest graduate

from the prestigious and exclusive Rogue University.

May we forever pay homage to the legend

of David 'Davy Jones' Simmons - Drummer Extraordinaire.

He's paid his dues and can now be considered Rogue alumni and part of a special club.

We hope you'll always treasure your time here as we've treasured having you.

As you pillage and plunder your way through life, we hope you'll take this with you -

"Once a Rogue, always a Rogue." - Humbly Yours, Captain Rikki Rogue

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