Forever Devoted To You

You're my ten, my best friend

Tried and true

I would fight for you

I would die for you

It's plain to see

There's nobody else for me


I guess it's true

I'm devoted to

Love true, with you

What would I do without you?

Come unglued, tears too

Where would I be emotionally?

Misery in the first degree

The day I met you

My dream came true

I'm forever devoted to you


Well defined, you blew my mind

From the start

Like an evening star

You lit up the bar

What a find

Tapping your nails in time


What do you see watching me

Geekin' 'round?

Do you see a clown?

Would you put me down?

Tell me, please

Why you're always there for me?

Finding You

When I was young I ran around

Trying to fit in with the crowd

Through cold and gloom

My heart, an empty tomb

I looked for you


Before I found you

I was sole surviving

A trail of tears just

Finding You

When I found you

I was struck by lightning

Still exciting

Finding You


Well, I was sold one sleazy bill of goods

A shallow villain in a storybook

A team of one

Misunderstood and on the run

Pursuing fun


(Repeat Chorus)


(Lead Guitar Solo)


I was on a path I couldn't see

Undeserving, fate, she smiled on me

Across the room

An intoxicating view

I prayed for you


(Repeat Chorus)


Amidst the din confusion reigns

Fathers jailed, babies slain

Mother's married to the state

And it's not open for debate

Satanic kings plot unseen

They force their will by any means


In Twenty20

Trouble's coming

Stay indoors, lock the doors

Freedom's not worth fighting for

In Twenty 20

A storm is coming

Yearning souls, bought and sold

Doing just what they are told

in Twenty20


A Loup-Garou stalks me and you

Prophetic signs adorn the moon

Under veil, the wandering sheep

A zombie nation fast asleep

Truth is twisted, news is fake

Dividing gender, class and race


(Repeat Chorus)


The hour's late

So for goodness sake

Don't procrastinate

Get down and pray

We're not all alone

God's still on His throne

Caring for His own

'Til He brings us home


(Lead Solo)


Dumbing minds in public schools

Spawning blind useful tools

Plague infested nursing homes

Seniors dying all alone

Abominations on parade

Dissenting voices too afraid


(Chorus Out)

Thru Thick & Thin

Free as a bird

sailing the air

Freed by The Word

devil may care

Let's go for a walk

down by the sea

We'll laugh & talk endlessly

about the lighter side of things


I had been waiting all of my life

Anticipating a love that won't die

I found in you a love that is true

While casting our fate to the wind

Anchoring me through stormy seas

Your love set me free

I would do it all over again

Through thick and thin


This rose colored dream

a wonderful ride

I will always be by your side

Getting lost within

the roar of the sea

And the coastal wind gently sing

Hymns of glory and praise to Him


(Harmony Lead Solo)


(Double Chorus Out)

Outa' Love

Embers are cold, the fire has died
Open your eyes, there's nothing inside
Denial can't mask or disguise your insincere smile
Don't look back, we had fun for a while

I'm burned out of love for you
Can't hide what I feel
And neither can you
I'm burned out of love for you

I don't want to be so cruel
But obsessing on me, well it just isn't cool
Stop using guilt to school me, it's just a fool's tool
Get a clue, I'm over you

Out On A Limb